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AVPN Constellations highlights the ways in which AVPN members are ‘addressing the complex problems of our times with stellar interconnected solutions, leveraging the power of networks for greater impact’. In addition to our coverage of the AVPN Virtual Conference 2020Alliance magazine is taking a look at each of the five winners in turn. Today:

Inisiatif Kepemimpinan Pendidikan untuk Raih Prestasi (INSPIRASI)

AVPN Members: Tanoto Foundation, Djarum Foundation, Triputra Agro Persada and Central Square Foundation
Estimated total financial contribution:
$729, 953
Country of activity:
Corresponding SDG:
4 – quality education; 10 – reduced inequality

Inisiatif Kepemimpinan Pendidikan untuk Raih Prestasi (INSPIRASI) – the Education Leadership Initiative for Student Achievement – was initiated by the Tanoto Foundation, Djarum Foundation and Triputra Agro Persada to create innovation in school leadership in Indonesia. INSPIRASI works as a research engine, implementing different pilot programs and collecting evidence in order to help school leaders ensure better learning in their schools.

As Indonesia focuses on improving educational quality, INSPIRASI claims that school leadership remains a relatively unexplored pathway to improving the education system. Just two per cent of school leaders have gone through training, and more than half of school leaders are chosen primarily based on political affiliation.

INSPIRASI connects philanthropic foundations, corporate social responsibility programs, academics and local and central government and looks to join these to address strategic issues in a systemic way.  In this way, the program seeks to not only provide a training program, but also apply an evidence-based approach in order to be scalable and replicable by governments and other partners.

The program is a 1.5-year continuous professional development for in-service school leaders, delivered through larger workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions. Launched in July 2019, it initially consisted of one principal and senior teacher of 25 medium to low-performing schools in Karawang, West Java. In July 2020, INSPIRASI will bring on an extra 90 schools, bringing the full total to 115. By 2024, they aim to reach 1,000 schools per year through their direct interventions, impacting approximately 250,000 students annually.

INSPIRASI references network and collaboration as one of its strongest suits. Tanoto Foundation’s network of 14 districts (where they implement their own program) has been used as both a benchmark and to maximise cross-program learning. Corporate foundations have been invited through the founders’ networks to scale up INSPIRASI after the pilot phase.

The program is looking to expand to a second district outside of Java with a model that is more closely integrated into the government system in order to show that the model has validity for the broader Indonesian ecosystem. They will also be looking to develop and pilot technology tools that allow for monitoring and delivering components of their programming, in order to act as a resource for government and civil society organisations who want to deliver school leadership development at scale.

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