Black Philanthropy Month Brazil Summit will consider Brazil’s Black history


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A free online event, hosted by the Group of Institutes, Foundations, and Companies (GIFE) and the WISE Fund, will be a space to exchange knowledge and practices for Brazilian Black philanthropy.

The Black Philanthropy Month Brazil Summit is an annual event occurring in August that joins other global activities celebrating and reflecting on Black philanthropy.

GIFE’s event is sponsored by the Aegea Saneamento and Instituto Aegea, Instituto Unibanco, and Fundo Baobá.

‘We are very happy to support Black Philanthropy Month Brazil Summit, an event that addresses such an important topic and is fully aligned with the causes of Aegea’s social impact agenda. Since 2018, Instituto Aegea, the company’s socio-environmental intelligence center, has been a member of GIFE and we are always evaluating establishing partnerships and commitments on relevant topics, such as racial equity’, said Édison Carlos, president of Instituto Aegea.

Black Philanthropy Month starts globally on 3 August, with a kick-off event in the U.S.

To register for GIFE’s event, or for more details, click here.

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