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Stephanie Draper, who is currently chief change officer and deputy chief executive at Forum for the Future, has been appointed as the new Bond chief executive.

Stephanie commented: ‘I am committed to accelerating a just and sustainable future, and eradicating poverty, inequality and injustice. This is what has brought me to Bond. I want to use my extensive experience of bringing sectors together to shape a better future and create the impactful, systemic change that is necessary to achieve the UN Global Goals.’

At Forum for the Future, Stephanie led the development of strategy, oversaw overall impact and led global programmes on sustainable nutrition, climate change, sustainable value chains and livelihoods and how to create net positive organisations.

Caroline Nursey, chair of the Bond Board said: ‘I am delighted to welcome Stephanie to the chief executive role at Bond. She brings significant leadership experience with her and a track record in helping sectors to evolve and change. We have been hugely impressed by her strategic thinking, energy and enthusiasm, and feel that Stephanie will both lead and challenge the network in a clear and collaborative way.

Stephanie joins Bond at a point when the challenges and opportunities presented by the SDGs, safeguarding, by Brexit and the pressures on civil society space make the Bond network even more essential in the eradication of global poverty, inequality and injustice.’

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