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The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN) has partnered with LifeCo UnLtd South Africa in hosting their annual event this month.

Beginning in Cape Town and ending in Johannesburg at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the gathering seeks to strengthen and develop the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa.

Part of a two-fold approach in strengthening support for social entrepreneurs, the annual event follows a learning workshop in Accra, Ghana in October 2016. In addition to an explanation of some of the key topics, the outcomes of the workshop in Ghana can be found here.

GSEN is committed to improving the reach and effectiveness of social entrepreneurship expansion efforts in Africa from experts and various organisations. Similarly, UnLtd CEO Mark Norbury notes ‘social entrepreneurs are a vital part of our development, filling important needs and rising inequality where government and markets can fall short’.

The culmination of the event in Johannesburg on 10 March, ‘Connecting Leaders – Delivering Change’ brings together leading organisations from around the world and experts, supporters, impact investors, foundations, and social entrepreneurs.

The theme of the event ‘The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in an Increasingly Unequal World’, is among the topics being discussed including socio-economic justice, social impact funds, and the role of multinationals and government in social entrepreneurship.

Norbury emphasizes that it ‘will spark further social innovation collaboration and engage new supporters to make this vital work happen’.

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