BP Oman launches $5 million social investment programme


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BP Oman has launched has a $5 millon dollar social investment programme in collaboration with Ministry of Oil and Gas and BP’s partner, Oman Oil Company for Explorations & Production (OOCEP). The programme will focus on education, enterprise development and energy sustainability.

‘Our social investment programme is aligned with the sultanate’s vision to develop Omani capabilities and is part of the company’s strategy towards ‘in-country value’ initiatives. The programme’s broad scope enables us to reach and impact a diverse audience of people within the fields of energy sustainability, education and enterprise development.’ said Yousuf al Ojaili, president of BP Oman

The social investment programme will feature 19 initiatives and 14 partners, with Destination Sustainability acting as the implementing partner.

‘The future needs a steady stream of talented people with strong foundations who will continue to drive progress and innovation to solve the challenges that we will all face in years to come. We’re excited to have increased our educational programmes from 13 to 15 and pleased we are able to support BP’s broader ambition to reduce our carbon footprint through our energy sustainability programme,’ said Shamsa al Rawahi, BP Oman’s social investment manager.

BP Oman’s social investment programme started in 2014 with the objective to support sustainable socio-economic development in the local community, directly targeting young Omanis, entrepreneurs and the community in which BP operates.


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