CF Insights moves to Foundation Center while GrantCraft releases new guide on boosting non-profit effectiveness


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On 19 February, Foundation Center and FSG  announced that CF (Community Foundation) Insights is now operating under the auspices of Foundation Center.

CF Insights was created in 2006 as a partnership between FSG and the Council on Foundations. Its initial vision was to help community foundations make more informed, effective decisions about their operation models. Today, the CF Insights network includes more than 150 US community foundations.

CF Insights is driven by a single question: what if each community foundation could know what all community foundations collectively know? To that end, it offers a wide range of tools, knowledge, and connections – from research reports to peer learning opportunities – which are all available at Enhancements in the coming months and years may include: layering in grants data, improving data visualization tools, expanding the CF Insights web platform, and creating a wider range of benchmarking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Just a week later, on 26 February, GrantCraft released a new guide on the ways foundations can boost the organizational effectiveness of non-profits. Supporting Grantee Capacity: Strengthening effectiveness together illustrates thoughtful approaches to capacity building through real-world examples from funders of different sizes, missions and geographies.

The guide tackles many themes, including investment approaches, appraisal of funding opportunities, funder-grantee power dynamics, and evaluation of results. A unique aspect of the guide is its focus on the funder-grantee relationship, with importance placed on defining roles and expectations, establishing trust and open communications, and recognizing and analysing the variables at play in capacity-building situations.

A special collection of case studies, white papers and evaluations builds on the topics explored in Supporting Grantee Capacity. This repository, which can be accessed at, provides free and direct access to the experience and expertise of foundations and non-profits based on their own capacity-building efforts.

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