ClimateWorks President and CEO departs for Bezos Earth Fund


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ClimateWorks Foundation President and CEO Charlotte Pera is stepping down from her role at the major climate intermediary to join the Bezos Earth Fund as Vice President for Strategy and Programs.

The ClimateWorks Board of Directors has appointed Chris DeCardy, philanthropy consultant and former Vice President of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, to fill the role of President and CEO after Pera departs on 30 April.

During Pera’s nearly nine-year tenure as President and CEO of ClimateWorks, the foundation developed global intelligence, collaboration, and grantmaking services to amplify the impact of climate philanthropy and made important contributions to climate mitigation through global programs focused on large-scale, global climate solutions. Over the last almost decade with Pera, ClimateWorks also grew its staff nearly five-fold, expanded its donor base to more than 40 donors, built its budget to more than $140 million in 2021, and moved approximately $640 million in grants.

‘Charlotte’s leadership has strengthened ClimateWorks and its extraordinarily capable team in every way. We don’t want her to go, but if she has to go, we can’t think of a better place for her to land. She will be an asset to the Earth Fund and to Andrew Steer. We wish them the best, because we’re counting on them to have enormously positive impact, addressing the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of the people of the world,’ said Sue Tierney, the Chairperson of ClimateWorks’ Board of Directors.

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