Coalition for climate restoration launched


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The Foundation for Climate Restoration, alongside its partners, Earth Day Network and Future Coalition, held their first annual global restoration forum. The event aimed to rally the international community around restoring a healthy climate by 2050 by showcasing existing technologies and recent findings related to Climate restoration methods.

Held at the UN, the event marked the official launch of the Coalition for Climate Restoration whose aim is to restore a healthy climate in a single generation by bringing together national and local governments, the private sector, civic groups, youth-led movements, academics and multilateral organizations. Under the pretence of necessity for more ambitious climate mitigation, the event showcases existing technologies related to climate restoration methods, including carbon negative building materials and large-scale reforestation.  

Peter Fiekowsky, Founder of the Foundation stated, ‘Climate Restoration is not only possible, but necessary to ensure the survival of humanity and we believe this is a landmark moment in advancing the global awareness and commitment to urgent and effective climate action on behalf of future generations.’

Watch the forum here.

Read more about the foundation here.

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