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With the charity sector now facing perhaps its greatest test yet, philanthropists can multiply the impact of their giving by teaming together around common causes, says Collaborating for a cause: How cause-related networks multiply the impact of philanthropy, a report published today from Beacon Collaborative and New Philanthropy Capital.

‘Cause-related networks offer unique opportunities for impactful giving. By independently bringing philanthropists together around one goal, they motivate people to give more and better, strengthening people’s capabilities and creating opportunities to give. Our research found that networks are most effective when they are inclusive, trusted, and embedded in the issue they seek to solve,’ said Katie Boswell, NPC Associate Director of Strategy and Leadership and author of the report.

A network should take a long-term system-wide perspective that considers the root causes of a problem, the various actors working on the issue, and the barriers and opportunities for change, the report states as one of its key findings. Then it will be more equipped to support and increase collective impact. Networks should encourage the diffusion of ideas and learning, increasing resilience and adaptive capacity by ensuring equal voices to all.

To create a network, the report states, founding members should consider questions such as: What is the network’s core purpose? How can we align members around the cause? How do we stay relevant? Who are the stakeholders that are needed to achieve impact? How can we understand the network’s impact and improve the activities? How can members be enabled to increase the effectiveness of their giving and achieving greater impact on the cause?

To read the report in full, click here.

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The Beacon Collaborative is a collective impact movement bringing together philanthropists, organisations and foundations that share a common aspiration to increase philanthropy and social investment among the wealthy in the UK. 

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