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At the Bond Annual Conference on Monday 20 March, the Bond International Development Awards were presented. Hosted by BBC journalist Zeinab Badawi, the awards ‘celebrate the inspiring humanitarian and development work’ of the Bond network, made up of over 450 member organisations. Out of over 45 entries, awards were given across six different categories.

Orbis UK received the Campaign Award for their Vision for Zambia campaign. Sponsored by The Donkey Sanctuary, the award ‘recognizes international development campaigns that engage the public in new and unusual ways’.

Clements Worldwide sponsored the Collaboration Award, recognizing the importance of effective collaboration in dealing with difficult issues. Chance for Childhood won the Collaboration Award for their Right2Change project, aimed at encouraging ‘mainstream services’ in order to include young offenders in their client group.

The Innovation Award was jointly won by CABI for their Plantwise project and Send a Cow’s Taro project. The award, sponsored by Diversity Travel, showcases organisations that navigate ‘a changing external environment’ by taking new approaches.

In recognizing organisations at the ‘cutting edge of effectiveness and accountability’, the Transparency Award went to Restless Development for their work in being proactively accountable within their organisation, benefitting their own work and that of their volunteers.

Sponsored by Penny Appeal, the Humanitarian Award acknowledges the often overlooked heroes working in the humanitarian field. The award went to Bassam Hawas Quru for his work in Iraq with the International Medical Corps.

The final award presented was the Outstanding Individual Award which highlights those who have made a ‘lasting contribution’ to international development. Recognizing her chairpersonship of Hand in Hand Afghanistan, this award was presented to Seema Ghani.

To read more about the awards and their recipients, read Bond’s summary of the event here.

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