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Alliance magazine has today launched its latest issue on diaspora philanthropy and the media. 

In the special feature Charles Keidan and guest editor, Mark Sidel, Doyle Bascom professor of law and public affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explore the way in which diaspora philanthropy can be used as a tool of nationalist forces – making the need for good data, careful attention, and greater scrutiny all the more important.

The issue profiles the philanthropy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including an exclusive interview with diaspora philanthropist Omar Al Qattan, as well as taking a look at the Jewish philanthropists lending a hand to Israel.

Other content found with the pages of the new issue include a look at Irish disaspora philanthropy, alternative approaches to ‘scaling’, and how Indian diaspora has changed over the past 10 years.

Alliance aims to hold up a mirror to philanthropy worldwide – we hope you enjoy the view.

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