Dutch government launches €24m programme to develop community philanthropy


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The Dutch government, in partnership with a consortium of four organisations including the Africa Philanthropy Network, Kenya Community Development Foundation, Wilde Ganzen and Global Fund for Community Foundations, are launching a new five-year, €24 million programme that will invest in community philanthropy development in eight countries.

Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the programme, called Giving for Change Alliance, will be implemented in Brazil, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Palestine and Uganda.

Giving for Change is part of the Dutch government’s ‘Power of Voices’ programme, and its aim is to foster local giving as an expression of voice, civic participation, solidarity and dissent. The programme will build evidence around new thinking, approaches and leadership that support community philanthropy development.

‘We’re really excited to see a bi-lateral donor investing such significant sums – and signaling such a clear understanding of the importance of local power and potential,’ said Jenny Hodgson, GFCF Executive Director.

Giving for Change will promote community philanthropy as a strategy for achieving community-led development by increasing local ownership, buy-in and claiming of rights, and by challenging the notion that development is something that is ‘done to’ communities by external actors.

Against a global background of shrinking civic space, Giving for Change will encourage civil society organisations, including and especially human rights organisations, to value and adopt local resource mobilisation as a form of constituency building, and as a way to strengthen their position as legitimate champions and defenders of diverse causes, with strong roots in the communities they serve.

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Isaack Onyonyi

Doing things differently, awesome. Onyonyi I.O.

Arthur Runyenje Namu

Great initiative

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