EFC mark 30th year with commemorative book featuring 30 essays from philanthropy leaders


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Today, the European Foundation Centre launched a collection of views on philanthropy to mark its 30th anniversary in a special commemorative book. Entitled ‘Building at the Crossroads of Royale and Treurenberg‘ (referencing the location of Philanthropy House, home to the EFC and hub for the sector in Brussels), the book gathers 30 essays by thought leaders in philanthropy, who explore how far the sector has come, how it can adapt to tackle the urgent challenges we face, and what the EFC’s and sector’s roles can be. Curated by Diana Leat and with a philanthropy syllabus by Judith Symonds, the book sheds light on the pathways – and crossroads – that lie ahead for the EFC and the wider philanthropy sector.

The authors were given the freedom to write about whatever they wished within the broad framework of reflecting on 30 years of the EFC, and what the next 30 hold. That freedom and diversity of voices brought a wide range of approaches, opinions and provocations on the state of philanthropy. According to Diana, “This range indicates the diversity and resilience of the European philanthropy sector today.” Gerry Salole, EFC’s Chief Executive, echoes Diana’s words and adds, “For me, this diversity of voices and stories illustrates so well the path the EFC has travelled in its 30 years, and as such, marks a fitting way to celebrate our 30th anniversary.”

The book is available to download and printed copies can be requested from the EFC. It is supported by Oak Foundation and Fondazione CRT, and its themes and its authors, provide the inspiration for the 30th anniversary event and Raymond Georis debate on 7 November. The debate will look at why getting philanthropy’s architecture right is going to be key to the sector’s ability to create real impact and change.

In this weeks Alliance extra, Andrew Milner looked at EFC’s achievements, the challenges it has faced and the roles it might play in the coming years.

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