European infrastructure bodies put their weight behind single philanthropy market


Andrew Milner


Three of the principal pan-European philanthropy infrastructure bodies are to hold what they are calling a philanthropy ‘scrum’ at the end of May to discuss ways to create a single market for philanthropy in Europe. EFC, DAFNE and EVPA have convened the meeting to bring together members of their own organisations with EU policymakers and national regulatory authorities to discuss the topic in a mixture of panel discussions and interactive sessions. The meeting will be held on 28 May on the eve of the EFC’s Annual General Assembly which takes place in Brussels this year.

The meeting is a further sign of growing interest in philanthropy in European policy circles. The May gathering will build on the findings of a recent study, commissioned by the EFC and DAFNE, which argued that current restrictions on foreign funding sources and inconsistent taxation policy are undermining European philanthropy.

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