European philanthropy launches portals for philanthropy, NGOs to support Ukraine


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Key partners from across the philanthropy sector launched integrated online portals and this week. The initiative aims to better coordinate the efforts, initiatives and calls for donations from the European philanthropy sector and NGO community in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

A subway station in Kyiv, Ukraine, serves as a shelter for thousands of people during a rocket and bomb attack on 25 February 2022. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

The philanthropy sector has been swift in its response to the devastating situation in Ukraine, mobilising funds, donations, undertaking needs assessments and issuing statements in support of the worst affected. It has been united and unequivocal in supporting all those who defend international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians and civil society, in Ukraine, in Russia, in Belarus and around the world.

The portals will directly support the work of two key stakeholders:

  • Philanthropic organisations, to share updates on resources mobilised to support Ukraine; understand which pledges and commitments are being made by their peers; and understand and respond to the needs of (I)NGOs and grassroots organisations.
  • (I)NGOs and grassroots organisations, to navigate the offers made by the philanthropic community and communicate their needs for support to a community of philanthropic actors. 

A simple online template allows both these stakeholders to publish their support efforts directly to the portals in their own languages. Bringing both communities together will allow for more targeted support in the interest of helping the millions of people suffering the consequences of the invasion. 

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