Four foundations announce $20 million funding to women’s organisations


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Four private U.S. foundations announced combined funding of $20 million to women’s organisations to strengthen human rights and finances for women, girls and the LGBTQI community around the world. The organisations, Foundation for a Just Society, Open Society Foundations, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, plan to give over a five-year period in consultation with women’s funds. 

The fund is currently in collaboration with stakeholders and New Venture Fund is to serve as the fiscal sponsor and provide guidance and support to the initiative. Some of the goals of the initiative are aimed at strengthening women’s funds through consolidation of infrastructure and communications to help maximize their impact and achieve their goals.

‘Women’s funds have been able to do so much already on limited budgets and restricted resources. It’s exciting to think about what’s possible if they have the resources to invest in their own leaders and organizations,’ said Wellspring Philanthropic Fund programme officer, Betsy Hoody.

The first grants are proposed for the first half of 2020 with an expected continuation through December 2024. Upon the conclusion of funding, the donors intend to commission and publish a third-party evaluation which is proposed to include recommendations for further action.

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