Fund for Global Human Rights and Just Labs partner to create practical advice for Human Rights Groups


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The Fund for Global Human Rights and Just Labs have partnered to create a document that seeks to provide guidance to human rights groups on practical ways they can counter, what they have called, the antagonism that has undercut human rights values.

The project worked with 12 organisations, from around the globe, to create narratives for change based on design thinking, contemplative practices, popular education and foresight. Professionals from fields including neuroscience, the arts, academia, technology and design assisted the organisations in creating prototype solutions for reform in human rights values.

According to the partners, ‘This paper recounts the story of this experimentation and the analysis of the outcomes of this process, and what we are positing as the bold steps that funders and human rights actors need to take at the tactical, organizational and field-wide levels.’

Read the full report here:

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