Funding framework for climate change for Australian philanthropists


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The Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN) has released a new Climate Change Funding Framework for philanthropists.

Koala sits in a eucalyptus tree in an approaching bushfire on Kanfgaroo Island, South Australia in December 2019. Image credit: Shutterstock 

The Framework helps philanthropists consider change levers to secure emissions reductions, the sectors that need to be transformed, how to deliver community benefits from climate action, how to build the capacity of the climate sector to get this work done, and how funders can support climate adaptation.

‘Strategic philanthropy can help seize this moment for climate solutions by prioritizing funding the opportunities and gaps,’ says the AEGN on its website.

The framework, alongside a climate consultation, are available for members of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network, but non-members can access some of the insights in a two-page brief, available on the AEGN website.

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