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The latest episode of the Giving Done Right podcast explores the rich tapestry of the nonprofit sector and makes the case for why supporting the people and relationships powering these organisations’ work can be a meaningful way for donors to have an impact.

On this week’s episode, hosts Phil Buchanan and Grace Nicolette talk to David Shapiro, CEO of MENTOR, a national nonprofit that works to drive equity through expanding quality mentoring relationships for young people.

Speaking about volunteering, an important part of the way MENTOR’s network operates, Shapiro said that volunteering is a gateway to giving, as well as ‘a gateway to get past our own perceptions of the world and the labels that I think hold us back. The minute we decide that someone is a welfare mom or a low-income individual or whatever sort of phrase you want to use that are bandied about in political circles to score points all the time, but also at cocktail parties as shortcuts to get us through conversations.

‘The minute we do that, we lose a little part of our humanity. We lose a little part of our intellect. And we lose a little part of our ability to solve problems. When you pick a young person up at their home in their context on a Saturday, or you meet with them at lunchtime in a school building, all of a sudden, whatever you think about things is shaken a little bit. And that’s a good kind of shaken.’

Listen to Episode 6, Changing Lives: The Power of Relationships.

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