GrantCraft under new management – business as usual only more so?


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Grantmaker resource organization GrantCraft, for so long under the wing of the Ford Foundation, is to be taken over by the Foundation Center and the European Foundation Centre. While the organizations involved all speak of the move in terms of expansion and development (GrantCraft ‘going global’ is how Ford’s Luis Ubiñas puts it), the emphasis is likely to be on ‘building on’ rather than remaking. As Gerry Salole of the EFC puts it: ‘While we anticipate taking advantage of the licence for change that we have been granted, we firmly believe that future GrantCraft successes will be rooted in the significant work that has already been so diligently carried out.’ The responsibility for GrantCraft comes with a $1 million ‘golden handshake’ grant. Both of the two host organizations are well placed to give increased visibility and weight to GrantCraft’s work, given their respective positions of influence on either side of the Atlantic, a factor which is likely to have been significant in the open bidding process through which the decision was made.

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