Growth for Ukraine’s Zagoriy Foundation despite Russian invasion


Simon Hungin


The Zagoriy Foundation annual report, published 1 March 2023, details the organisation’s work over the past year, including the support of 48 different organisations to the amount of $37.5 million, as well as receiving validation from CAF America which will allow the foundation the ability to fundraise in the United States.

‘We continue to develop the culture of charity in Ukraine, while also implementing modern projects and developing the non-commercial sector for further growth. Our goal is to engage in sustainable and long-term work’ said Katerina Zagoriy, the Foundation’s Founder.

Zagoriy Foundation’s achievements in 2022 included participating in six international conferences dedicated to philanthropy, with Zagoriy Foundation team members also speaking at several panel discussions. Additionally, the foundation has attracted new international partners: Choose Love, Global Giving, Fondation de France and #GivingTuesday.

Throughout the first half of 2022, Zagoriy Foundation researched charity in wartime, finding that 94 per cent of organisations either fully or partially continued to operate following the Russian invasion in February 2022. Eighty-four per cent of Ukrainians noticed the growth and development of the scope of charity in Ukraine, while 86 per cent of Ukrainian citizens became benefactors in the wake of the Russian invasion.

Eugenia Mazurenko, the Foundation’s CEO until recently, stated in the annual report that ‘the Zagoriy Foundation believes that the development of the charity culture and support of sustainability of non-commercial organizations in Ukraine are as important as ever. Not for a single day did we suspend our operations: we rethought our activities, having sharpened our focus as in crisis situations people tend to focus on the most important things, ignoring the irrelevant. That is exactly what we did.’

The Zagoriy Foundation aims to develop a culture of charitable giving, through the belief that everyone in Ukraine is consciously and systematically involved in charity. Alongside partners both domestically and internationally, Zagoriy Foundation makes crucial changes in Ukraine and implements projects to improve people’s lives.

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