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On 3 March the Directory of Social Change (DSC) and GuideStar International (GSI) announced that ownership of, the free public website, and GuideStar Data Services has been transferred from GSI to DSC. DSC is the largest publisher of information for those who work in the voluntary sector in the UK.

Buzz Schmidt, founder of GuideStar and CEO of GSI, is confident that DSC is the right home for GuideStar. ‘It will return GuideStar UK to the ownership of a nationally focused sector leadership organization,’ says Schmidt. ‘National ownership of each national GuideStar is the model GSI encourages throughout the world.’

‘Together we will get more of the right information to the people who need it so that charities can be more effective in achieving their ambitions,’ says DSC CEO Debra Tyler. ‘There will be a programme of new services rolled out in the coming months, starting with one to help funders make more informed grantmaking decisions.’

GuideStar Data Services is a community interest company providing bespoke information. It operates the GuideStar Third Sector Database, which comprises more than 400 searchable fields of data on 350,000 organizations including charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organizations.

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