Hewlett Foundation pledges almost $170 million to racial justice funding


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The Hewlett Foundation has announced $168 million in funding for racial justice initiatives, including $18 million in funds this year, as well as a new 10-year $150-million racial justice initiative. In addition to the newly pledged funds, Hewlett has said it will also approach its ongoing programmes and operations with intentional efforts to add a racial justice lens.

‘As a community, we are committed to learning more about how systemic racism influences and affects the fields in which we work and bringing racial justice more fully into both our grantmaking and our culture,’ said Hewlett president Larry Kramer, in a statement published on the Foundation’s website.

The plan to increase grantmaking by almost $170 million came out of many conversations over the course of the summer, according to Kramer in his statement. This year, Hewlett will provide $18 million to organisations working on systemic racism, with a particular focus on those addressing anti-Black racism. The commitment of $150 million over 10 years will allow Hewlett to identify and define a grantmaking strategy, providing time to build knowledge and give sustained support.

Beyond the financial pledges, Hewlett has also committed to ensuring racial equity in its existing work by asking each of its programmes to investigate how systemic racism affects efforts in different areas of endeavour.

‘The “business as usual” that has permitted this all to persist must end,’ wrote Kramer. ‘As a foundation that has not traditionally focused on racial justice, we undertake this work with intentionality tempered by humility.’

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