Ian Potter Foundation and Myer Foundation partner to conserve freshwater in Australia


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Joint funding, of The Ian Potter Foundation (IPF) and The Myer Foundation (TMF), is in the works to improve Australia’s land and water management through an independent source of water and catchment policy advice.

The foundations’ commonality in exploring issues affecting Australia’s freshwater systems led the pair into partnership, and the birth of a new organisation, to understand what role philanthropy can play in the management and protection of freshwater.

TMF CEO, Leonard Vary told Pro Bono News, ‘The research suggests that a trusted, independent, community-led and evidence-based organisation is needed to catalyse change and help frame future water and catchment policy to serve the interests of all Australians for generations to come,’

The foundations’ investment of $5 million in the project, over the next decade, hinges on raising a further $25 million from external parties.

According to IPF CEO, Craig Connelly, the national centre plans to convene experts, policymakers, industry and communities to assist government in delivering policy settings to achieve improved and sustainable management of Australia’s freshwater resources.

‘This is a compelling opportunity for Australian philanthropy to establish an organisation that is intended to have a meaningful and lasting impact of the management of Australia’s most precious resource: freshwater,’ he said.

Representatives from the foundations will be searching for partners in the coming weeks and months.

For more see: probonoaustralia.com.au

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