IDIS leads creation of emergency fund to strengthen public health system in Brazil during COVID-19 crisis


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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic worsening in Brazil, Instituto for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS) has led the creation of an ‘easy, fast and trustable’ way for Brazilian philanthropists to donate funds to projects strengthening the public health system in Brazil.

Working with partners Movimento Bem Maior and BSocial, a prominent local giving platform, the ‘Fundo Emergencial para a Saúde – Coronavírus Brasil’ (Emergency Health Fund – Coronavirus Brazil) was launched this week. The fund will be overseen by a Medical Technical Committee to support the decision-making on who the grant will fund.

Four organisations have already selected to receive funds, including the two largest non-profit hospitals in São Paulo.

For more on the fund see:

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Jackson Gomes Reder

Hello, I work as a fundraiser for a nonprofit Hospital in Espírito Santo, Brazil. I'd like to know how we could obtain any grants from IDIS. Thanks, J. Reder

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