IKEA Foundation supports ‘Global We’: public engagement programme for climate change conversations


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The first permanent public engagement programme – ‘Global We’ – will aim to active the world’s largest and most inclusive conversation on climate change. Supported by the IKEA Foundation and unveiled at New York Climate Week, the ‘Global We’ programme features immersive, technologically ground-breaking ‘conversation portals’ – three launched during climate week in New York City, Mexico City, and Kigali, and the remaining 25 will activate globally in the lead up to COP27 in November.

‘Global We’ aims to galvanize ‘the many voices’ – including those most affected by climate change as well as those rarely engaged. A group of partner institutions from the target 25 countries, together with climate activists and leaders, will help inspire people to get involved and use the portals. Many of the conversations that takes place around the word will be recorded, and multiple perspectives will be captured and brought to ‘formal leaders’ of the world – both at COP27 and beyond. Thereby, the perspectives of many more people can influence the crucial negotiations that usually happen behind closed doors. Additionally, a portal will run throughout negotiations at COP27, enabling people from around the world to continue to engage – even directly with negotiators – throughout the decisive meeting.

‘When it comes to climate change, most people aren’t involved in the conversations and decisions that impact their lives – especially people from communities directly affected – while decision-makers rarely have the chance to hear their stories and experiences. Through the “Global We” portals, we will bring the ideas and experiences of many people into the crucial leadership conversations at Climate Week, COP27 and beyond. This network of global conversation hubs will grow over time, allowing greater and greater numbers of people to connect and engage in action,’ said Per Heggenes, IKEA Foundation CEO.

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