Impact India explores why Indian nonprofits are experts at scaling up


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Stanford Social Innovation Review, in conjunction with Dasra and The Bridgespan Group, have published the second issue of Impact India. The issue examines the tension between magnitude of need and scarcity of resources in India, and how this has made successful Indian nonprofits masters at scaling up.

Its cover story ‘Why Indian Nonprofits are Experts at Scaling Up?’ looks at 20 nonprofits that are successfully scaling up their programmes and offerings, and managing to reach hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people in need. It identifies five common ways  in which the leaders of these nonprofits think and act; staying focused while remaining flexible, seeking collaboration with government, finding hidden talent from unexpected sources, reducing costs, and elevating the humanity of each participant, even when serving many.

These approaches are echoed throughout the issue, which also includes interviews with leading Indian philanthropists Ratan Tata and Rohini Nilekani, a spotlight feature on sanitation, and articles such as ‘A new approach to gender-lens grantmaking’.

To download Impact India as a PDF, see here.
To read our interview with Rohini Nilekani, see here.

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