In U.S., cross-racial community of donors and movement leaders invest in voter engagement


Alliance magazine


Donors of Color Action and Just Fund have invested $600,000 in a programme to mobilise and prioritise voters of colour in key battleground states in America. The funds will resource state-based groups that prioritise BIPOC voters and support solutions for racial equity, reproductive justice, community safety, and climate change.

This will be the first-ever cross-racial community of donors and movement leaders committed to building the collective power of people of colour to achieve racial equity, according to the Donors of Color Network, which is affiliated with Donors of Color Action.

‘In the past, BIPOC communities have been forgotten targets for political funding. This investment is a first step to help build a political future that puts BIPOC communities at the forefront,’ said Vida Benavides, Political Director of Donors of Color Network and Donors of Color Action. ‘Every dollar will go to on-the-ground, community organizations who know their community members best to ensure funding impact is maximized toward BIPOC voter engagement.’

Voter disenfranchisement disproportionately impacts minoritized communities. In last year’s legislative sessions, 440 voter suppression bills were proposed in 49 states and 33 voter suppression laws were passed into law in 19 states. Hate crimes also rose 44 percent in 2021 in 16 of the nation’s biggest cities. Moreover, political giving has long been dominated by white donors and their preferences. 

‘Our goal is to remove barriers that prevent funders from efficiently funding organizations on the frontlines of social change. As we look to protect our democracy, our mission has never been more timely,’ said Iara Peng of JustFund.

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