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The Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, are seeking insights, knowledge, stories and any materials to aid their 2017/2018 academic project into Scottish philanthropy.

Scotland has a distinctive place within the global tapestry of philanthropy, being the birthplace of numerous famous philanthropists, but more information is needed to understand Scotland’s place within the philanthropic ecosystem.

Unlike England, very little information, publications and resources are available regarding Scotland’s philanthropic history.

Even the most detailed examination of Scottish philanthropy, Checkland’s ‘Philanthropy in Victorian Scotland’ (1980), published almost 40 years ago now proves dated and has a narrow historical focus.

The Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good are keen to develop an online story map that offers a spatial and temporal account of philanthropy in Scotland, allowing users to learn about places of philanthropic interest; what is their history and role, what were philanthropy’s motives and drivers, what role and influence have these gifts had?

Offering an easily accessible introduction and overview of philanthropy’s historic and contemporary activities in Scotland, the map will contribute to wider learning, discussion and understanding of the philanthropy within the area.

For more information or to supply information, you can get in touch with the Centre here.

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