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Intelligent Giving, the charity evaluation and donor advice website, will close at the end of August because of a lack of funds, and its work will be taken over by another donor advice charity, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC). According to a press release from NPC, ‘NPC will take over the charity’s brand and website and look for ways to develop its message on transparency in the charity sector.’

Intelligent Giving was founded in 2006 by two former journalists, David Pitchford and Peter Heywood. Its website features over 500 UK charities, assigning them scores for the quality of reporting and transparency of their annual report and accounts. Pitchford says of the move, ‘NPC is the perfect choice to continue developing the work of Intelligent Giving. Our organizations share a mission: to increase the effectiveness of the charity sector.’

While the press and public have traditionally judged a charity by their administration costs, from the beginning Pitchford and Heywood stressed the importance of transparency – though not as the end goal. Writing in Alliance in December 2007, Pitchford said, ‘While we present transparency as a sign that a charity is confident and accountable, we stress that other factors are more important – especially the quality of the work.’ But transparency has yet to be achieved. ‘To be effective, the non-profit world still needs to become far more transparent,’ says Matthew Bishop, writing in the forthcoming September issue of Alliance. He feels this is something the non-profit sector still needs to learn from the private sector: ‘It was not the transparency and focus on efficiency that caused the collapse of financial capitalism.’

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