Jack Ma reappointed as United Nations SDG Advocate


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Philanthropist and co-founder of the Alibaba group has been reappointed to the UN’s panel of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advocates.

Jack first joined the group of 17 Advocates in early 2016. He launched his own foundation focused on the environment in 2014 and has been a Nature Conservancy trustee and board member for nearly a decade.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for  ‘more action, more ambition and more political will’ to ensure the SDGs would be met, urging SDG Advocates to use their leadership positions and platforms to rally the global community to take action on the issues.

Alibaba claim their own approach to philanthropy ­- employing technology and innovation for social good – shares many of the same values as United Nation’s programmes.  The organisation has focused on environmental protection and conservation, gender equality and improving rural education and has targeted poverty alleviation through a RMB 10 billion (approximaely £1.1 billion) fund launched in 2017.

Besides his work as an SDG Advocate, Jack serves on a UN Panel on Digital Cooperation and was a special adviser to the UN Conference on Trade and Development for youth entrepreneurship and small business.

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