Jaime Matute Hernández appointed as new CEO of Colombia’s AFE


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The Colombian Association of Family and Corporate Foundations (AFE) have appointed Jaime Matute Hernández as their new Chief Executive.

Jaime has 18 years of experience in development policies and projects, international technical cooperation, international public affairs and public-private alliances.

In a message to AEF networks following his appointment Hernádez said: ‘I have recently, assumed with motivation and commitment, the position of CEO of the Colombian Association of Family and Corporate Foundations, and I would like to take this opportunity to greet you, and to reaffirm our willingness to maintain and strengthen the cooperative work that we have developed so far.’

‘In order to achieve our goals, in the context of our three main goals – to connect, to advocate, and to communicate – it is essential to strengthen the collaborative work with our strategic allies.’

‘Your organisation has been part of our growth process, contributing with our effort, knowledge and experience, to achieve our common goals. Therefore, it is in our interest to continue consolidating our alliances, in order to promote innovative initiatives that contribute to achieve real transformations in Colombia and the Latin American region.’

Jaime Matute Hernádez had been serving as head of cooperation and international relations at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection since 2012.

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