Jeffrey Epstein: Joi Ito leaves Board roles at MacArthur Foundation, Knight Foundation


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Two of the US’s largest liberal foundations, MacArthur Foundation and Knight Foundation, are facing scrutiny following the sudden resignation of Joi Ito from their respective boards.

Ito’s handling of donations to the MIT Media Lab channelled via late philanthropist, businessman and sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein also led to his sudden resignation from the Board of the New York Times.

The foundation resignations follow an investigation published in the New Yorker which revealed an extensive off-the-books donations scheme masterminded by Epstein and Ito. The New Yorker reported that Ito handled up to $7.5 million of donations at the direction of Epstein including an anonymous donation of $2 million made by Bill Gates.

In a statement on Twitter, the MacArthur Foundation thanked Ito for his service:

Ito’s service on the board of the Knight Foundation will be particularly uncomfortable for the Foundation’s partners and grantees in the media. Knight is a leading journalism funder priding itself on robust ethical standards as well as support for media fellowships at the International Center for Journalism and other institutions. The Knight Foundation confirmed Ito’s resignation in a brief statement:

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When is there going to be an investigation into what lies beneath the Ark Academy in Brent? Sponsored by Arki Busson, mentioned in Epstein’s Little Black Book.

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