Just Giving conference 2014 Day 1: and it got better …


Nora Lester Murad

Nora Murad

Nora Murad

By mid-morning on Day One of the EdgeFunders’ ‘Just Giving Global Social Change Philanthropy Conference’, I was already basking in gratitude. Hearing these folks talk about transformation of the global economy, dismantling of power structures that perpetuate inequality, renewing relationships between human beings and the planet – wow!

Coming from Palestine where donors talk about inputs and outputs and indicators and where ‘good practice’ is often defined by submission of timely reports, my hope is refreshed. I had no idea that people were still talking about social justice. That people’s movements were still a living aspiration.

Then, when the lights dimmed for the showing of the eight-minute film, The Meaning of Home, I found myself holding my breath. I didn’t want to miss a word or risk spoiling the moment by the banal act of breathing. With powerful visuals, impassioned explanations, the film explained the components of ecological justice in a way that made me want to cheer.

And the day got even better when at every opportunity these funders asked themselves, ‘What is our role in global transformation?’ I am inspired!

Nora Lester Murad is a writer and volunteer with Dalia Association, Palestine’s community foundation.

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