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Alliance magazine March 2013The special feature of the March issue of Alliance magazine is ‘Markets are emerging: what about philanthropy?’ This issue is important for anyone working in emerging market countries, those looking to learn more about new trends and those interested in the role played by philanthropy in these areas.

This special feature is guest edited by Filiz Bikmen, a philanthropic consultant, formerly of the Sabanci Foundation, and Maria Chertok of CAF Russia. Bikmen’s feature article, which is free to read on the Alliance website, looks at opportunities and challenges for philanthropic ecosystems in emerging market countries and what lies ahead in this fast-changing area. The special feature includes a supplement, sponsored by Charities Aid Foundation, profiling the finalists for the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize. As Chertok outlines in her article ‘Shapes and colours of emerging market philanthropy’, the nominations for this prize demonstrate the broad range of philanthropic activities which can be found around the globe.

Chertok also interviews Vladimir Potanin, one of the most recent billionaires to sign the Giving Pledge, on his reasons for leaving his fortune to charity. Other subscriber articles in this special feature include: ‘Building something new for the future’, offering thoughts on the significance of community philanthropy institutions; ‘Innovation or imitation? Does it matter?’, looking at how philanthropy in Asia will develop in the coming decade; and an exploration of ‘Corporate philanthropy in emerging economies’.

In other content, Buzz Schmidt and Clara Miller argue that mission investing should be the only kind of investing done by private foundations, Catherine Howarth recommends targeted engagement with investee companies as a way to work their assets harder, and Simon Schneider writes about the power of the crowd.

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