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Alliance magazine

Alliance magazine: September 2012

Alliance magazine: September 2012

With a special feature on ‘What can data do for philanthropy?’ this is an important issue for foundations looking at what data they have, what data they need and how they can use data to help improve their operations.

This edition of the magazine is guest edited by Lucy Bernholz of Arabella Advisors and Larry McGill and Mitch Nauffts of the Foundation Center. The September issue considers the many aspects of data that can impact the philanthropy sector. Larry McGill’s feature article looks at data in the context of foundations, who is collecting data on philanthropy and how this can be improved.

Articles within the special feature include ‘Data for What?’ from Maria Chertok of CAF Russia, a look at the role of data in impact investing from Nexii and a comparison of data collection and use in Europe and the US from DAFNE and the Foundation Center. It also considers concerns about the challenges of a data-rich world and offers some cautions about data. For the uninitiated, there are also some helpful data resources and a glossary of key terms.

In other content, Antonio Gaspar of Instituto Ventura explains why he thinks impact investing could transform Brazil, Fay Twersky offers advice to emerging philanthropists on how to make an impact and the theme of risk is continued from the June issue in an interesting piece from Adrian Sargent and Rob Garris on balancing risk and opportunity.

The magazine also features a collection of reports from the recent EFC conference in Belfast, as well as the usual global updates, letters, book reviews and opinion pieces.

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