Latimpacto launches first extensive study on social investments


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A new report from Latimpacto provides the first overview of investing for impact in Latin America, showcasing the region’s different actors, including impact investing funds, foundations, universities, business, family offices and their intermediaries. The study details how these actors put investing for impact into practice and it identifies a variety of best practices.

‘It is a great pleasure to provide the first investing for impact study at the service of our community. This study analyzes 37 cases from 7 Latin American countries and allows us to have a better understanding of how they are approaching investing for impact. The study will allow us to learn about trends regarding which instruments countries are using to support social purpose organizations, what type of non-financial support is being provided so that the deployment of capital is more effective and catalytic, how impact is being measured and managed, and how social investors are generating greater resilience among social organizations during the pandemic’, said Carolina Suárez Visbal, CEO of Latimpacto.

Investing for Impact in Latin America’ represents an opportunity with which to face the region’s challenges and to connect with global conversations that is essential for building a common future, such as strategic philanthropy, impact investing, the Principles of Responsible Investment, compliance of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, and measuring the impact of social and environmental interventions.

Latimpacto is Latin America’s venture philanthropy network. For more on the report, visit

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