Laudes, Ford, OSF partner with Brazil Fund to launch $8.5m labour rights fund


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The Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos – in partnership with the Laudes Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Open Society Foundations – has launched an $8.5 million fund to promote labour rights in Brazil.

Labora – Fundo de Apoio ao Trabalho Digno, or Fund for Decent work, launched last week to support Brazilian labour movements and civil society organisations working to promote labour rights. The $8.5 million fund seeks to catalyse philanthropic investments to protect and advance the rights of urban and rural workers and empower those most vulnerable to exploitation and precarious conditions, such as informal, migrant, and care sector workers.

‘We are a foundation with a profound understanding of the field of human rights in Brazil, its challenges and root causes,’ said Ana Valéria Araújo, executive director of the Brazil Fund. ‘For the past 15 years, we have been giving financial and non-financial support to small organisations in urban and remote places. Fundo Brasil’s expertise in managing and implementing funds will be key for the success of this new fund.’

The fund’s mission is to promote decent working conditions for all and will address race and gender equity as fundamental and interlinked challenges. According to recent research by the Brazilian Institute of Geographies and Statistics, 37 per cent of all people unemployed in Brazil are Black women, while only 16 per cent are white men.

‘To overcome the inequalities that impact Brazilian society, it is essential to confront the weight of racism and gender discrimination in the labour market that can influence opportunities and rights for workers. The Labora Fund is a welcome reinforcement to face the enormous challenges to constructing equality and social justice in Brazil. The Ford Foundation is very happy to be able to contribute to this initiative,’ said Atila Roque, Director of Ford Foundation in Brazil.

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