Learning Lab for Changemakers launched by European Community Foundation Initiative


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The European Community Foundation Initiative has launched the ECFI Learning Lab for Changemakers, a space for practioners from the community foundation field in Europe to come together, collaborate, and learn about ways of working and thinking that will contribute to social change in their communities. In 2020, the Lab will focus on the theme ‘Sustainability of a Community Foundation’.

The Lab, so called in order to indicate that it will be a safe and purposeful space, will be inhabited and led by peers with limited structuring and outside guidance from ECFI. The programme for this year will start in mid-October and will be led by Filiz Bikmen, an accomplished professional with broad experience in philanthropic institutions and the community foundation field.

‘The context for this conversation is the post-Covid-19 period when many pieces of the social, economic and political order will be changing,’ said ECFI in a statement. ‘The role of philanthropy and community-based action and civic engagement will play out in a new situation and will have to find its renewed role and function in a new context.’

To learn more about the Learning Lab for Changemakers visit the ECFI website.

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