Lessons from a transatlantic partnership: what’s collaboration really like?


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Brad Smith

GrantCraft is embarking on a new chapter. After three years of being a collaborative project of the Foundation Center in New York and the European Foundation Centre in Brussels, GrantCraft will continue to grow as a global resource managed solely by the Foundation Center beginning 1 April. The European Foundation Centre has decided to focus its resources on face-to-face learning programmes specifically targeted to their members, and it was mutually agreed that GrantCraft integrates seamlessly into the Foundation Center’s efforts to empower donors with knowledge tools.

Gerry Salole

Gerry Salole

There is a lot of talk about collaboration in the philanthropy sector, but what is the experience really like? In their joint article in the just-published March issue of Alliance, ‘Lessons from a transatlantic partnership’, Foundation Center president Brad Smith and European Foundation Centre CEO Gerry Salole take an honest look at this three-year cross-continental collaboration, now coming to end.

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