Luminate provides $4 million funding to Global Witness to help uncover corruption


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Luminate announced $4 million of funding to Global Witness, to help its work investigating major abuses related to natural resources, spurring regulatory and normative changes, and empowering groups to hold companies and governments to account, as well as reducing corruption and human rights abuses. To date, Luminate has provided Global Witness a total of $9.2 million funding to support its work.

Ory Okolloh, Managing Director at Luminate, comments; ‘Tracing the flow of money and influence is critical. But so is the ability to use that information to hold the powerful to account, and this where Global Witness continues to have significant impact around the world. Luminate’s core – or unrestricted – funding provides Global Witness with the operational freedom that the organisation needs to scale investigations effectively, respond quickly to changing and challenging environments and drive the greatest impact.’

Luminate’s newly published strategy outlines its commitment to financial transparency, civic empowerment and independent media, including a strong emphasis on investigative journalism.

Andrew Clarke, Principal, Investments at Luminate wrote: ‘Their hard-hitting investigations reveal who is making money, where they are hiding it, and how they are spending it. They uncover the complex web of connections between major financial centres like London and backroom deals in resource-rich countries, often via a tax haven or two. Global Witness collaborates with data-driven partners to identify red flags such as unaccounted wealth, unusual payments and shady political connections. Together they track and expose the path of corruption, pushing for global change to end it.’

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