MacArthur Foundation announce $6.5 million fund to reduce corruption in Nigeria


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The MacArthur Foundation announced nearly $6.5 million in funding to advance anti-corruption efforts in Nigeria. The grants are part of the Foundation’s On Nigeria grantmaking, which seeks to reduce corruption by building an atmosphere of accountability, transparency, and good governance in the country.

The grants support nonprofits working to inform and empower communities in the fight against corruption and to promote anti-corruption as a national priority in advance of the 2019 Presidential and Assembly elections. They include support for efforts to strengthen systems and study what works to reduce corruption. These awards build on decades of Foundation support for projects to enhance credibility, integrity, monitoring, and security around past elections. They continue MacArthur’s recent support for organizations working to capitalize on the national momentum and increased political will to tackle corruption, with projects ranging from monitoring and transparency measures around the political process to public education about the costs of corruption.

‘The country has begun an important process of addressing the corruption that plagues it on so many levels,’ said Kole Shettima, Director of MacArthur’s Nigeria Office. ‘It is more important now than ever to keep anti-corruption work front and center on the national agenda, and to empower people and communities with the information and platforms they need to advocate for themselves and fight for the issues that impact their daily lives.’

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