MacArthur Foundation president Robert Galluci is stepping down


Alliance magazine

Alliance magazine

Alliance magazine

MacArthur President Robert L Gallucci will leave the Foundation on 1 July, at the end of his five-year term, Board Chairman Marjorie Scardino announced today. Gallucci previously served as Dean of Georgetown University’s Edmund A Walsh School of Foreign Service for 13 years.

‘Bob accomplished what he set out to do and more at MacArthur,’ said Scardino. ‘He changed the Foundation’s culture and practices, embedding assessment in all of our programs so we realize the power of impact; recruiting and nursing talented professionals and giving them the freedom to use their talents to make MacArthur better; and maintaining the Foundation’s reputation for creativity and impact.”

She continued, “As the end of his term approaches, the Board decided to look for a new kind of leadership to accelerate the pace of change in how MacArthur can use existing and new tools to tackle even bigger goals.’

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