Ashanti Perú, Institute for Rural Initiatives win 2020 Sustainability Award


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Ashanti Perú and Institute for Rural Initiatives have been announced as the winner of the 2020 Maya Ajmera Sustainability Awards. The annual Sustainability Awards – named in honour of Global Fund for Children’s founder Ajmera – celebrate the achievements of successful community-based organisations and provide an investment in their long-term stability.

Ashanti Perú, based in Lima, is a youth-led network that works with and on behalf of Afro-descendent children and youth to combat racism, discrimination, and poverty through education and advocacy.

The Institute for Rural Initiatives promotes socioeconomic initiatives in rural communities in Moldova, with a focus on young people from disadvantaged and marginalised populations.

According to Global Fund for Children (GFC), both organisations are working to meet the most pressing needs of young people and their communities. At the same time, they are thinking strategically about how to build more equal futures for children and youth beyond the current health crisis.

GFC has been offering the Maya Ajmera Sustainability Award since 2005. Some 150 community-based organisations have received the award and used the funds to support their long-term stability.

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