Marshall Institute’s Accelerator Summit Day to take place in London 


Shafi Musaddique


A summit organised by the LSE Marshall Institute’s impact accelerator programme, 100x, is set to take place on 28 November in London, bringing together a range of sectors, from early childhood education to healthcare mobilisation. 

Summit Day aspires to become an annual event designed to provide a platform for social ventures and new solutions.  

According to the event website, the Summit Day “aims to foster connections, facilitate investment and grant-making opportunities, and amplify the impact of social ventures”. Keynote speakers will include Leslie Labruto, founding director of the programme and Tom Hall, who leads social impact and philanthropy services at UBS bank. 

First announced in 2021 following a £50 million donation to LSE from Paul Marshall, the impact accelerator supports not-for-profit social ventures that focus on tackling global challenges in key areas such as health, climate change, social inequality, public policy and developmental economics. 

The Accelerator will leverage LSE’s existing expertise in these areas to add rigour and data to help determine what’s needed to scale effective solutions, provide philanthropically backed capital to start-up enterprises, and accompany successful companies on their pathway to scale through business, policy, and talent support. 

Shafi Musaddique is a news editor at Alliance magazine. 

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It's inspiring to see the LSE Marshall Institute's Accelerator programme taking the lead in fostering social innovation. The upcoming Summit Day, set to be an annual event, promises to be a nexus for diverse sectors working towards impactful solutions. The commitment to supporting ventures addressing global challenges is commendable, and with keynote speakers like Leslie Labruto and Tom Hall, it's poised to be a remarkable platform for collaboration and positive change.

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