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Media Impact Fund (MIF) have released a new report which highlights data, trends and pressing issues facing the field—and what funders can do moving forward.

Global Media Philanthropy: What Funders Need to Know About Data, Trends and Pressing Issues Facing the Field, draws on research data from MIF media grants data map, results from a survey of leading organisations engaged in funding media-related projects around the world, analyses of existing literature, and insights offered by experts across a range of media funding issues.

Alliance magazine editor, Charles Keidan, was one of the contributing experts who highlighted the importance of philanthropic support for philanthropy-focused media outlets in order to hold philanthropic power accountable, and highlight the tremendous work taking place across the sector.

‘Investing in the sector media is a sure-fire way to lift the editorial tide for all foundations, especially when trusted partners already exist. But it requires an investment in the greater good on top of a commitment to promoting the work of one’s own foundation and its partners. Apart from a few enlightened funders such as the Mott Foundation who ‘get’ the need to build philanthropy infrastructure anyway, such funding remains thin on the ground.’

The report was produced with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and written by Sarah Armour-Jones and Jessica Clark, consultants to Media Impact Funders.

Read the full report here:

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