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Agustín Landa, the founder of LANZA, a consultancy focused on social initiatives based in Mexico, joined the Alliance magazine team as Regional Representative for Latin America earlier this year.

Based in Mexico, Landa brings a wealth of localised philanthropy knowledge about Latin American philanthropy that is helping Alliance globalise its coverage and raise the profile of philanthropy in a part of the world where it receives less coverage.

‘My personal expectation has been that the world – and especially the world philanthropic community – could have a better understanding of and engagement with the opportunities, capabilities, and willingness of the Latam civil society to contribute to a better world,’ said Landa.

‘I feel that the Latam Civil Society had not been represented enough in the Global North and hasn’t shown the possibilities and importance it has… What I see as my role is to connect, disseminate, and create opportunities to link the capabilities, innovation, and opportunities among the civil society of LATAM and the rest of the world.’

To hear more from Agustín, join Alliance magazine’s upcoming digital event: ‘Who’s in power? Exploring leadership in philanthropy’ by registering here.

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