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Alliance magazine


Alliance magazine have launched a new membership scheme provide real opportunities for participation, give members the chance to help shape the conversation on global philanthropy.  

In addition to full print and digital subscription benefits (including free access to Alliance events), members will be able to:

  • Submit philanthropy news, ideas or recommend a new contributor
  • Vote on upcoming special features
  • Suggest questions for upcoming interviews with senior figures in philanthropy
  • Attend an annual editorial webinar where you can pitch ideas
  • Shape Alliance content through exclusive opportunities for feedback from member surveys

‘Alliance membership puts you at the heart of the global philanthropy community enabling us to give you more of what you want from breaking philanthropy news, insights on the major issues, and holding our sector to account by being its critical friend. Join our Alliance for philanthropy worldwide!’ Charles Keidan, Executive editor, Alliance magazine.

Members have exclusive access to the Alliance members area to engage with the scheme and will receive members-only updates on all that is happening as a result of their engagement. Alliance will be offering a ‘pay what you can’ offer for the majority of the world with the aim of assembling a globally diverse group of members.

For more information about becoming a member visit:

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