Missed the EFC Conference 2015? Watch the opening and closing plenaries now!


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Just days after the opening of the World Expo 2015. around 650 key figures from the world of philanthropy addressed the global challenge of sustainable development at the European Foundation Centre’s Annual General Assembly (AGA) and Conference on 20-22 May 2015 in Milan.

Closely paralleling the EXPO theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, the EFC Conference, ‘Philanthropy: Visions and Energy for Change’, broke down sustainability into four key strands:

  • Youth driving change – How philanthropy can help harness the energy of tomorrow’s changemakers – young people – and what foundations’ role should be in developing the necessary skills and opportunities to equip and inspire them to be drivers for sustainable development.
  • Philanthropy, government and corporate engagement for social equality –What foundations can do to promote more active collaboration between philanthropy, policymakers and corporate engagement to create social equality and sustainable change.
  • Community resilience – How foundations can help empower communities and enable them to become the drivers of their own sustainable development.
  • Future of the planet … food for thought – How scientific research, responsible innovation, sustainable development and food security can help turn the foundation sector’s vision into reality.

Watch the opening and closing plenaries now!

Opening: http://www.edithink.com/streaming/fondazionecariplo/AGA_opening_uk.html

Closing: http://www.edithink.com/streaming/fondazionecariplo/AGA_closing_uk.html

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