Nesta appoint Ravi Gurumurthy as chief executive


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Nesta have announced the appointment of Ravi Gurumurthy as its new Chief Executive. 

Gurumurthy follows Geoff Mulgan, who left Nesta at the end of 2019. He joins Nesta from the International Rescue Committee in New York where he was the Chief Innovation Officer and founder of the Airbel Center.

Ravi Gurumurthy said, ‘The UK in the 2020s faces major challenges – from weak productivity and an ageing society, to building social cohesion and tackling climate change. But the potential for breakthrough innovation exists if we rethink how we use our people, data and money. Nesta is uniquely positioned to generate and grow new solutions by bringing together expertise, networks and resources.’

Prior to joining the International Rescue Committee in 2013, Ravi held a number of roles in the UK Government, including Director of Strategy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change and strategic advisor to the Foreign Secretary.

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